Freelancer SOS

If you are a freelancer and got into trouble and need some immediate help then reach out to us via Freelancer SOS. will try to come up with a solution by collaborating with various government and non government entities. Be mindful that this is only for emergency situations and you have exhausted all of your own resources to find a solution. 

Policy Assistance 

Are you having issues on a contract or deal you have made with a foireign company or buyer? We are here to provide you guidance on how you might be able to resolve those issues. If you feel you have been treated unfairly or got suspended from a marketplace without valid ground then we might provide you advice on how you can deal with this matter.

Freelancer Retirement Program

One of the biggest concerns for all freelancers is regarding their future. It’s one thing to know that you are young and active and you can work hard to earn money but what will happen to a freelancer when he/she gets old. If we are considering freelancing as a proper career path for our citizens then we must also think about their future and how they can feel secure at an older age.

One solution is a Freelancers Retirement Program. We are partnering up with multiple financial institutions and regulators to come up with an unique retirement financial package where freelancers can actively save for the future and create a nest egg. More details are coming soon. 

Marketplace Communication Assist 

Online freelance work marketplaces are major sources of work for freelancers. With so many freelancers working on these platforms we often do not find ways to identify issues that are affecting freelancers. So far our freelancers accepted all and any decisions made by the marketplaces often without any opportunity to appeal. We are working to change this dynamic by offering a way of communication between freelancers and all the prominent marketplaces for situations involving these parties.