Learn new skills from the top freelancers of Bangladesh.

Tutorial Hub is an upcoming feature of Freelancers portal where you’ll find complete tutorials on various skills. These tutorials are being prepared by the top freelancers of our country. 

We believe if you want to become successful in your freelancing career you must learn from the best. That is why all tutorials available at Tutorials hub are either directly prepared or prepared under the supervision of hyper successful freelancers with proven track record of their past work. 

The tutorial hub will be an interactive learning platform where you’ll find automatically guided courses online. You can not skip a lesson here. You must complete all course modules to be eligible to take part in an exam. If you pass the exam you’ll be awarded a government approved certificate. 

But let’s face the reality, certificate alone is not enough these days unless you actually learn the skills. In order to ensure that you have put in the highest effort to learn a new skill we have decided to make the exams not-so-easy to pass. If you prepare hard it will be easier for you to pass the exam and when you compete with the rest of the world in the freelancing market. 

Tutorial hub will have courses on specific skills and also on soft skills. After all if you enter into the freelancing market without having both kind of skills under your belt, you are not going to go far. 

Just like all features on freelancers portal Tutorial Hub will be also available on iOS and Andriod Apps. 

Estimated release date of Tutorial Hub : November 2020

Are you a successful freelancer?

Are you a successful freelancer with a proven earnings record on marketplace and off marketplace? This is your chance to truly contribute to our community at a national scale. We are looking for hyper-successful freelancers to prepare tutorials for us. You will of course be handsomely compensated for your time and effort. Please reach out to us at [email protected] with your interest.