Mentor Marketplace

They say that a really good mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. If you are a freelancer or planning to become one then you must learn new skills and tricks of the trade before you start your journey. And there is no better way to learn than from a mentor who has already walked the same path you are on and reached to the goal of being successful. 

Up until now every time a new freelancer needed some help on understanding or learning something from a successful freelancer, there was no other way except for hitting them on their facebook inbox or trying to catch them at a live event. But the reality is – none of the above mentioned ways are realistic methods of knowledge sharing or learning. 

Most if not all successful freelancers are extremely busy with their own works. While they feel the urge of helping young freelancers, they barely have the time or proper settings of doing so. As a result they never get the opportunity to transfer the knowledge and experience they have accumulated over the years. 

But hopefully that is about to change. Introducing ‘Mentor Marketplace’. A marketplace where successful freelancers with proven track record can list themselves as mentors and new and upcoming freelancers can request to obtain their mentorship for a certain fee. This is a perfect setting for sharing knowledge and experience in a form of value added service.

Mentors can set up their profile with detailed information on skills and expertise. They can also create mentorship packages and set prices.

Students/new and upcoming freelancers can browse through the mentor marketplace and pick and choose the right mentor and hire a mentor by selecting one of the mentorship packages. Upon completion of a mentorship package both the mentor and student can leave feedback and rating for each other. 

We are still building this platform and hope to have it live by December 2020. 

In the meantime, if you are a mentor and would like to have yourself get listed as a mentor on this platform then please reach out to us at [email protected]