has been created by joint efforts from these following entities –

ICT Division of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Computer Council
iDEA Project
Bangladesh Freelancers Development Society (BFDS)

About Bangladesh Freelancers Development Society (BFDS)

BFDS is an initiative that is set to develop the future of freelance online workers of Bangladesh. Our goal is to help both upcoming and established freelancers to achieve better careers goals and build entrepreneurial ventures. We dream to become a key platform where talents will come together to share knowledge and skills to create jobs, earn foreign remittance and work towards building a successful & enriched Bangladesh.

Agendas of BFDS

ESTABLISH SOCIAL IDENTITY – Despite being a significant contributor of the society, freelances are still unfortunately suffering from identity crisis. People in general do not see freelancing as a proper job and ignorance is often visible. BFDS will continue to work in changing this mentality and establish freelancer’s dignity as truly valuable citizens in the society.

BUILDING A COMMON PLATFORM – We will always work along with both upcoming & established freelancers to come together virtually and physically to share knowledge and expertise to gain larger chunk of share from the globally available freelance work opportunities. Our goal is to focus proportionately outside of capital Dhaka and help regional freelancers to thrive in their freelancing career.

HIGH QUALITY TRAINING – In order for us to remain competent in today’s high competitive freelance work market, we must embrace & ensure high quality training to the upcoming freelancers. Simple data entry, graphics design or web design is not going to be enough. BFDS will actively work to make training courses and materials available for future-proof and high demand skills such as data science, problem solving architect, augmented reality, blockchain development and many more.

POLICY MOVEMENT – As a developing country Bangladesh is still dealing with a lot of modern challenges, some of which also affect the freelancers of Bangladesh. BFDS will work alongside the government and policymakers to reform regulations whenever required to protect the interests of the freelances and make their work simplified & hassle free.

FREELANCER WELFARE – If we are to make freelancing a viable career option for the youth of Bangladesh then we must account the future welfare of all freelancers. BFDS will work towards building an ecosystem where freelances in crisis will be able to get help. Eventually the welfare initiative will also involve in planning a worry free retirement plan for freelancers.