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Freelancer Banking

One place to find all banking related information and help. In this section you’ll be able to access following features:

Income Certificate

If you have an approved Freelancers ID with verified income details you can generate an income certificate and use it wherever applicable. 

10% Cash Incentive

The government of Bangladesh is offering 10% incentive on all IT and ITES foreign remittance income. Find out more on how you can claim them. Our ultimate goal is to make the 10% cash incentive automated. Meaning as soon as any IT and ITES related foreign remittance hits your bank account you’ll receive 10% incentive. 

Bank Offers – Specialized Loan and Accounts

Find out more about the special loan and bank account offers provided by various banks. Learn the detailed procedure on how to claim those offers and sign up for them as well.

Specialized Cards for Freelancers 

We are working with some bank partners on creating specialized credit cards and foreign currency enabled debit cards just for the freelancers.  

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