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Freelancers events is a hub for all freelancing and online related events. You’ll find events details listed here that are organized locally, nationally, internationally and online. Learn more about a particular event, including event description location, timeline, host’s details, speaker’s details. You can book tickets for the event directly from our portal. will actively search and list all events happening locally, nationally, internationally, online and then list them on the portal.

Our goal is to make sure that freelancers of Bangladesh will not miss out on a helpful event simply because they were not aware of the details of the vent. This will be an unified location where all freelancing, online work related and skill development related event’s details will be available. 

If you are an event organizer or host please feel free to reach out to [email protected] to list your event on this platform.

Estimated release date of this feature on web and android and iOS apps: November 2020

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