According to the recent statistics from The Knowledge Academy, 253,000 new software developer roles will be created in the United States alone by 2026. In addition, other tech giants in the world, such as China, emerging potential in technology like India, are competing for the availability and advancement of technology all over the world. But why and how?

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our traditional industries and their needs have changed radically.  As the boundaries of the physical and digital worlds are disappearing day by day, like the two sides of a coin, a vast area of digital roles, mainly software developer roles are being created. As a result, now the most demanding and potential sector is the software industry.

The software is reiterated by nature and is developed more and more over time.  Within a few months, the software has a variable number of changes, including new features and bug fixes. As a result, there is competition between software from different tech industries and all the companies have to fight to keep their products on top. if they fail, their demand decreases day by day. Its true that, the advancement of technology is creating a lack of employment, it is also creating a lot of employment in the tech industry to keep pace with the demand in the marketplace. The tech giants are realizing the necessity of the software industry and are trying to recruit a lot of skilled manpower to their industries. As a result, the software industry is already becoming the most required and demanding in this industrial revolution.

If we can get a picture of ​​how this software industrial revolution is progressing, we can understand why this sector has become so important. 

The amount of innovation is multiplying day by day


In the last 40 years, 500 million apps have been created. And at the current pace of technology, it is estimated that at least 500 million more apps will be created in the next four years. This is because, first of all, the availability of internet has increased drastically. By 2025, the number of Internet users will double from the current number.  As a result, people will be able to start up new projects with less hassle, less money and time. The reality is that a startup now costs a thousand times less than 20 years ago.  Although it takes a lot of skill and hard work to keep up with the competition in the market right now, we still get the opportunity a thousand times more than the tech generation that started running experiments in their garages at the very beginning of our tech journey.

And the second reason is that the demand for technology is increasing in daily life.  As a result new innovations are bound to come. And these softwares will be at the core of these innovations. Software coordinates various technologies, artificial intelligence, etc. with hardware and obviously, functions them .  In this way, the use of new technologies and software will increase in an unprecedented way.

The performance of apps will increase, the size will decrease


Applications require many data packages. Gradually the size of the data used in applications is decreasing. Currently the applications are in byte size. Apps also use API (application programming interfaces) microservices, so you don’t have to create all the features of the apps in each of them. And thanks to cloud services, apps are now able to use a lot of APIs. In addition, services such as cloud storage are helping to reduce the size of the application as well, like Amazon’s third-party service – Amazon Web Services(AWS).

All the most famous startups are already using the API to create portals for their business and their business partners such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple. As its use will even increase in the future, all tech experts will have to be prepared for these upcoming changes.

Changes in the use of hardware


If we look at the changes in hardware over the last 20 years, we can see how radically it has shifted  in the last few years. This revolution has been made possible by reducing the use of hardware and increasing efficiency of software. Over time, the use of hardware in technology will continue to decline, and finally its requirements will depend solely on the importance of its size and form.

We can easily grasp the big picture just by comparing the current form of computers and mobile phones with their older versions. From the first computer that was made to the size of the current desktop and then becoming even smaller through the inventions of mobile phones. Almost all the work of the computer can now be done on the mobile, which is really teeny tiny in size. But this small device is many times more efficient than the first supercomputer that was made back then. The use of hardware will gradually decrease as new technologies are on the edge. Software or applications will become the main focal point in no time.

If we try to discuss about all the possibilities of artificial intelligence, quantum computer, etc., this article will be unending like this revolution.  Because more and more new sub-sectors are emerging day by day, and a lot of skilled software developers will be needed. Already the need for software or applications in every sector of technology has increased drastically.  This industrial revolution is largely dependent on this sector.  Thus the software industry revolution is becoming the most important industrial revolution of the present era and of course, the future.