Bangladesh is moving fast thanks to global digitalization and technological advancement. In digital outsourcing , Bangladesh is becoming one of the  important country now.  According to the report of United Nations Conference On Trade And Development (UNCTAD), “Digital Economy Report-2019”, approximately 6.5lakh Freelancer has been working in global post, through which more than 100 million Dollars in the country every year foreign currency is coming. Apart from this, more than 3Lakh workers are working in the IT sector of Bangladesh. The women of the country are moving forward along with freelancing. Decreasing Gender inequality in workplace . The Covid-19 situation of 2020 is especially for the freelancing sector Affected in many ways for women.

Freelance And Women

Freelancing and outsourcing is, now in many countries of the world including Bangladesh, a topic that is quite discussed. Especially to the young youth society, who are studying. Besides, they want to build their own employment path. Freelancing is like that a profession where anyone can bring great success from scratch with his talent and Information Technology is a sector where the brain basically works . There is no way to show physical strength anywhere here. It’s no longer boys or It’s a girl’s job – there’s no chances for division. But both men and women Have equal talent. The first programmer in the world, however, was a woman named Lady Ada Loveless. Sheryl Cara Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer. A recent study by GitHub found that, In open source projects, Girls have higher rates of programming code adoption than Boys. So, In the sector of information technology,The chances of women in career are no less than that of men. In Information technology sector, The biggest advantage of working in the field is that it is possible to do a lot of work sitting at home. With a laptop and internet connection, the whole world comes in handy. If a women knows how to work, she can work outside as well as programming, web designing, outsourcing or e-commerce business can do at home.

Women Participating In Freelancing Sector At Present

The participation of women in the freelancing sector has multiplied in the last few years. Government, in 2013, 9% of women worked in the IT sector. Although, the rate of women working in information technology is low all over the world. In the European Union, in 2015, 18% of women worked in information technology. According to one statistic, in Bangladesh, only 1% of girls are interested in taking up programming as a career. But now ,as a result of the management of various public and private IT based activities, their participation and interest has increased a lot. Moreover, The government’s information technology policy has been made women friendly. With women in ICT,  many initiatives have been taken by the government to come and build a career and Being. Department of Women’s Affairs and Department of Youth Development, in the IT sector across the country,  are working with participation of women. For taking ICT as a profession ,the government is helping. If these opportunities can be used properly, The participation of women in information technology will increase a lot more.

Impediment Of Women’s In Technology Segment

Like the other ten professions, our socio-economic context here, Social bunkers mainly serve as barriers for women. The rule in our patriarchal society is that boys will work outside and girls will work at home . Girls have less boundaries of thought. As the female literacy rate is low, they can not be skilled in the IT field and their participation in the freelancing sector is low. On the contrary, freelancing is never considered as a very high quality work in the society of Bangladesh. In the case of new freelancers, 80 percent of the parents of children discouraged freelancing. In the case of boys, by disobeying their parents, they Can easily realize his dream. But putting the girls in pressure and weak women’s empowerment, if a woman wants it, they can’t choose freelancing as their career.

Women’s Possibilities In Technological Sector

At present, the concept of ‘men are better, women are worse’ has changed a lot.  Now, the husband is giving his wife the interest to work outside. But those, who are reluctant to go out and work, for those freelancing can be a source of income tool. This is enough to bring financial prosperity to the husband as well as their family. To continue the career with family life comfortably, you have to face good obstacles. Women’s indoors and outdoors, Both sides have to be handled. In that case freelancing makes the woman like her own routine giving a chance to decorate. Anyone who has to work from 10 to 5 p.m. There is no obligation in freelancing. Women are much more  get freedom and benefits than traditional jobs in freelancing. From any place you can work on time, you don’t have to cross the road jam to go to the office, work from home Can be done. Even with time for family and children, Freelancing also gives the opportunity to become self-reliant . Women, maintaining their personality and self-esteem, just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. All men and women has to prove their own ability through competition.  In this is way to go forward, Freelancing can be a unique way to liberate women.