Md. Omar Faruk is a student and a successful entrepreneur. Besides studying for a Master’s degree, he has started his first startup with a view to creating employment while serving internationally. He cited freelancing as the main contributor behind his becoming an entrepreneur.

Omar’s Start

His life with the internet started in 2009 when he just had a Samsung phone with only 2G internet and Java features. Back then, he didn’t have any computers. While studying in class 9, he got to know a social media app named “mig33” through his friends. He used to hang out with his friends through mig33 and got to know a lot of fascinating features. The feature most fascinated him was a feature called “Level”.

Level is basically a parameter of a user’s seniority. Users with higher levels gain much more respect than others. Then he found a third-party app which used to increase the level. Omar Faruk went with the flow by using that third-party app until the app started demanding charges. He was disappointed. But again, his curious mind stumbled upon another question, how does this third-party app work?

Discovering Himself

Omar says, ‘I started to ask my seniors about how this third-party app works but they hardly understood my questions. One day a senior told me that the third-party app uses VPS and told me to Google for further knowledge. And I did. I was surprised, then, but soon I learned to efficiently search on Google. I kept knowing and learning more about VPS and understood that I had learned a lot of things to grasp the mechanism of VPS. Thus, I found this field of interest.

Why and How

‘In 2011 I used to search random things on the internet for my curiosity’ said Omar Faruk. His asking tools were simple – What, Why, and How. After a while, he lost interest on mig33. And “Website” grabbed his attention.  With his constant companion Google and Samsung phone, he used to search along with day and night browsing. In order to learn more, he badly needed a Computer, which he got after SSC. But, the cost of the Internet was huge back in those days.

He got into a financial problem as his family was unable to keep all his demands. He started to search about any income source online. And got to know about some LML websites. But all went in vain as these websites were nothing but time-wasting stuff.

A Little Break

A big realization came to him after a short stint with a site called “Elance”. He opened an Elance account without knowing anything. He just thought he would receive money after opening an account which was obviously not the case. One has to earn money by his own qualifications. Freelancing sites work as mere mediators. His online money-making mission fails as he didn’t have any qualifications.

Back from The Start

After completing HSC in 2013 Omar Faruk got admitted into an admission coaching. But it was nominally because his computer addiction kicked again. That addiction was so severe that he miserably failed in the Medical Admission which was the only admission test he sat on.

His father stubbornly admitted him into a private university to study pharmacy and gave a condition that he had to bear some of his expenses. So, he again started to search for money making online. After trying to make a website by using wix, a tech guy advised him to use “Odesk” where he could find many works regarding it. Through YouTube and with strong willpower at last he understood how to work online. “No one teaches you by hand, you have to collect information from here and there and make yourself eligible.”, says Omar proudly.

Do or Die

After admitting into the university, he got into a huge confusion. Firstly, he developed his skill with great distinction. Through intense research, Omar Faruk learnt basic knowledge on website designing. This achievement made it possible for him to earn a little initially from odesk. Thus, he got his confidence in his passionate ground.

On the other hand, his academic study was hampering. His CGPA grades were downgrading. So, he came to a crossroad, either Pharmacy or IT. After a lot of hardship, he got to make his family understand this problem. And then he dropped out of pharmacy and admitted himself into the IT department.

“Do not put all eggs in one basket”

Everything was going well with Omar Faruk in 2016. He was getting a good amount of online work while keeping a good academic performance. He also made a team with 3 others. But things were degrading when one of his clients rated his work 4 instead of 5 due to a stint with him. He didn’t get any work for 4 months but he had to pay his team members their monthly wage.

So, he came to a realization that he has to expand his marketplace. Thus, he understood the full meaning of the proverb – “do not put all eggs in one basket”.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

After a hard year of 2016, Omar Faruk expanded his working horizon. He also made some efficient plans. He started to collect work projects through marketplaces, Facebook, paid marketing, working as a sub agency of international agencies. And his plans worked greatly! By 2018, his market growth reached a whole new level. With seven members he formed a startup company entitled “Technofic Lab”.

“Currently we are providing service in IT companies of our country and abroad, starting our own company made us self-reliant. Now we don’t have to fully depend on marketplaces”, said Omar Faruk. His company is marketing directly on various mediums. And the business is booming. 

Omar Faruk was never very good at his studies. And today he has proved that only being good at studies can’t define anyone’s success. Working with great passion can make anyone successful.

He finished his story by saying, “we are becoming successful only by the grace of Almighty, I hope this grace will take us to long way”