To create the perfect cover letter can be a daunting task. It can be tricky, especially for freelancers. You have to showcase your skills, qualifications as well as make yourself unique and approachable. A killer cover letter is your best shot at convincing your employer to hire you. Every time, you are probably fighting it out with thousands of other freelancers. Therefore, you must do your best at it. 

We have compiled some tips to help you out with this task! With them, you will have a convincing cover letter in no time. 

Tips to Write a Killer Cover Letter for Freelance Marketplace

Use the following tips to write a killer cover letter. The better it is, the more are your chances of securing the job!

List Your Skills Effectively

When looking at a particular job, try to understand which of your skills are most suited for it. Of course, you should mention everything you are good at, but make sure to highlight some of them. This will immediately draw your employer’s attention to them. 

You want to make sure that you convince them that you have what it takes to get the job done. Write about your skills in the most alluring way. Tailor them to the wants and needs of the job at hand. 

Show Your Interest in the Project

Why are you looking into a particular job? What will make you invested in doing your best? These are questions that work wonders when answered in your cover letter. They go the extra mile in convincing your employee why you would be the best fit for the job.

If you can show through your letter your dedication to doing the job right and your commitment, it will make a good impression. Your employer will be assured they can trust you with this job. They will know you will try your best at it.

Connect with Your Employer

Always try to connect with your employer. This point is similar to the one we just discussed. Incorporate some questions about the details of the work. It makes them inclined to answer you and also shows you are interested in their work.

What are the goals of the company? What is the kind of work they are looking for? Then go for a brief description of why and how you can do it. 

This will make a well-rounded cover letter. It will help you pitch your ideas to the client as well as increase your possibilities of having a good relationship with them. 

Lay Out Your Goals

What are you looking for by doing a particular job? You should make sure you have a clear answer to this question. Not only will it help you have clear goals, but it will also impress your employer.

Write convincingly about how your goals match the ones of the company or the particular job. This will showcase how much you want to achieve them. That, in turn, will make your employer more inclined to choose you because they know you will try your best.

Hint at Your Rates

Contrary to popular belief, it is not always bad to hint at your charges in your cover letter. Write about your rate and why you are charging the same. Establish the fact that you will submit quality work. 

You can write about how you might be willing to lower your rates because you are particularly looking forward to the job. Do not immediately give out the figures unless the employee asks you to. Rather hint at it and see how much the client is willing to work with you.

This will help you secure the right compensation and help you get a client genuinely interested in your work.

Talk About Your Experience

It is always important to show your work experience. Unless you are a complete amateur, make sure you showcase your experiences in your cover letter. Highlight your competency. Ensure that the client knows your worth.

If you have received letters of recommendation, try quoting from them. However, keep it short. The more experienced you are, the more the client will be inclined to hire you. You can even attach samples of your work as needed. 

Do not worry if you have not yet gathered too much work experience. You can write about any projects you have undertaken that require a similar skill set to the one needed for your current job. 

Never Waste Space or Time

Remember that your employer is going to be looking at thousands of applications and cover letters. Not only do you need to make yours stand out, but also make sure they read it all. If your cover letter is filled with unnecessary jargon, they will either not read it at all or give up midway. 

You want to make sure all the important points are highlighted in your cover letter. Make the points lucid and precise. Do not rant about anything unnecessary. 

Make your introduction catchy and relevant. Your goals, skills, and reasons should be clear in the first few lines itself. Try and captivate your employer so that they read till the end of the cover letter you are taking such care to write. 

Mention Your Contact Information

This is one of the essential points of your cover letter. It might sound simple, but people often tend to forget it. Remember to mention the best ways in which the client can reach you. Give your email and phone number.

You can also give things like a link to your online portfolio or professional profiles. Also, always be responsive in these communication channels.


Your cover letter makes the first and lasting impression on your potential employer. Write a convincing and charismatic cover letter. Make sure to show why your client should hire you.

A good cover letter, especially for a freelance marketplace, might seem difficult to write, but it is quite achievable. Follow the above tips to write a killer cover and grab your dream jobs!