Around some 7-10 years ago, many of the Bangladeshi had turned into freelancing. Now it is evident how prudent they were! Their courage to get into a new professional world is now exemplary. Freelance writer Rezwana is one of them. Her journey tells us the story of self-reliance, confidence, and courage. Not only for freelance writers, rather she’s an inspiration for all the passionate freelancers. Today we will be picturing her struggle as well as success. Are you ready to dive into the tale? Okay, let’s go! 

Commencement of A Potential Star

There is always a good thing behind every frustration. It was December 2013 Rezwana had to leave her job due to some reasons. But it turned into bliss. The next year one of her friends introduced Odesk to her. She says,

“I heard that a freelancer can work on projects freely. So I set my account accumulating my previous work as samples. Then started applying and interestingly got a job within the first week!” 

One does make her own fate by worth. Rezwana won the heart of his maiden client. You know how? She just sincerely followed the client’s instructions. 

“My first lucky client was from the USA. He assigned me for a transcription. Let me tell you this sort of job is so friendly for beginners!”

Being pleased the same client hired her for another project. It was article writing. Apart from doing well in the latter job, she kept bidding on other projects and got 5-6 jobs within one month! These were all about transcription. Like Rezwana, if someone performs well in one category, showcases the deed to potential clients, can secure some more related jobs quickly. 

Rezwana’s Niche & Excellence

Miss Rezwana is basically a content writer. She has proficiency in blog writing, product description, product review, newsletter, web content, and e-book. However, now she works mainly as an e-book writer. She has some excellence and got 2-3 fixed clients. These fixed, pleased clients do assign her incessantly.

She says, “I secured my lucky clients and I don’t even have to bid anymore as they send invitations to me. It feels relaxed you know!”

Only trusted, high-profile freelancers do get this honor. Once you reach this height, you are tension-free! 

On Honing Skills

We requested her to comment on the necessary skills and their development process. As a freelance writer, she enthusiastically opined on this. She says,

“To become a freelance writer, it is inevitable to be grammatical-error-free. Your writing should be research-based as well as standard. You have to cover a topic by studying 10-12 sources, okay! In regard to creating unique content, there is no alternative to it. You should have a style of your own. And be careful of cultural sensitivity, audience’s age, gender, etc. Follow your client’s instructions sincerely. Provide exactly what they want. Remember, the client’s success is your success.” 

Why Freelancing?

This question was aimed to have some deep reasons for becoming a freelancer. Thanks to Rezwana, she met our thrust. 

She says, “This is superbly flexible. Top of all, there is no typical 9-5 am boundary. You may easily take a break or even work while touring. You can work anywhere, anytime. I know some freelancers from Chattrogram who just get their laptops and snacks in hand and start working at the beach. Isn’t it amazing? Similarly one can do the job at the roof, road, or any favorite fast-food hub.” 

She further focused on the freedom it provides. She told that as a business freelancing gives you the utmost taste of freedom. 

She says, “This is a unique opportunity to become your own boss.”

Women in freelancing

Miss Rezwana highly encouraged her Deshi Women and is optimistic as well. She says, “Look, our women can’t do any job due to some social barriers as well as insecurity. Here I think freelancing can be a great opportunity for them. They can maintain family and their freelance businesses at the same time from home. This is entirely convenient for conservative women. True that at the outset, this balancing will be a bit problematic. But very soon they can adapt and balance between family and freelance.” 

It means she confidently thinks that in our social context freelancing will be best for women. They can maintain their Hijab, children, relatives, and home-chores apart from being busy, good earners.  

What To Do for This ‘Becoming’

She says, “You must be a good reader to become a good freelance writer. This is the major prerequisite. No matter whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you have to face newer topics. If you are really passionate you won’t neglect to learn. There are a number of online tools available. You have to be equally competent at using various tools. Suppose, you want to be a high-profile freelance grant writer, but you don’t use tools like Grammarly, then it will be simply absurd!” 

She basically emphasized practice. And to deal in a marketplace she suggests, “Create an effective portfolio. Add some samples of your work. Then demonstrate to clientele. An academic degree doesn’t really matter in freelancing. Your works will speak about you. Don’t you believe in performance?”

She especially says, ”But before all, the most important thing is to discover what do you love most. For example, if you are not in love with web design, you can’t go long. Look at me, why I chose to be a freelance writer. Simply because I knew it won’t bore me ever. So try to find out what you are passionate about. Then take it as your track. You will shine.” 

Special Tips

 Thus, Miss Rezwana precisely gives a nice guideline to us. Her attitude towards freelancing is indeed a great inspiration for us all.