Kamruzzaman Shishir has been working in a marketplace for 5 years. Isn’t it long enough? Oh yes, it is! It’s also been almost 2 years since he has become a top rated freelancer at Fiverr. That’s certainly prestigious and this journey can be a great inspiration for us. 

Interestingly, despite being an established freelancer Shishir prefers his designer identity to freelancer identity. Because the working module doesn’t matter much to him. Rather he always dreamed of designer fame. And it happened! Now he is a popular name in the graphic designing sector of this country. He is an expert in character logo design. He wants to market various unique designs locally that are trendy in global marketplaces. 

When & How was the Start-up

First of all, we were curious to know about the beginning. Unless you know from scratch you can’t learn. 

He says, “I didn’t have any idea about freelancing 6 years ago. But I just loved to learn different creative skills. I started my journey with a low-config computer and a slow internet connection. I wasn’t lucky enough like today’s freelancers. However, one substantial asset I had. It is dedication! I believed that everything is possible through this virtue.”

Shishir’s Mastery

He has been involved in creative designing for a decade. This prolonged experience made him confident enough to deal with any kind of challenge from buyers. 

Shishir focused on his works this way- “I am a graphic designer, specialized in character logo design as well as the vector illustration. Apart from being a good learner, I’m a freelancer, microstocker, and trainer. I try to create unique and original designs. Firstly I do generate logo ideas through sketching. Then I color and vectorize for final rendering.” 

On Required Skills

As a creative, experienced designer Mr. Kamruzzaman Shishir gives his deliberate opinion. 

“To work in this category you should have some skills like freehand drawing, color sense, knowledge of digital application (photoshop, illustrator and other), and imagination power. Apart from this, you should practice graphic-tablet regularly.”

Personally, he always follows some of the prominent designers and gets in touch with their works. He says, “In Behance, I do follow their overwhelming works. I do observe what sorts of twists they bring. Also, I keep observing many subtle things like how do they create an overlay or use the color gradient. I strongly suggest all practice 40% and to follow 60%. It develops your concept as well as imagination.”

He additionally suggests following proficient designers through social media like Instagram, Freepik, etc. He thinks that this type of endeavor enriches a designer.

Why Freelancing

Shishir’s reply was, “Freelancing is the best way to earn through some technical means. It’s an easy and comfortable platform. However, you will find it difficult if you fail to communicate with clients properly. Otherwise, it’s the only professional module that lets you taste freedom, give enough time to take care of your family, and tour to relax anytime!”

How’s the Journey?

“The eve of each journey is tough and at the same time memorable. In our starting days, we were deprived of a community that freelance designers have now. Now if someone faces a problem he or she just posts it to the respective group. And the comment section gets filled with alternative solutions in an hour only! That’s amazing! But unfortunately, we lacked such a facility.”

“Once I got seriously demotivated. I suffered from sleepless nights. Yet, I didn’t waste that period. There was a ‘potential rocker’ in me. I used to feed my head. Then someday I got introduced to freelancing through one of my senior brothers.” 

He further says, “Till now I’ve worked with many. I always prioritize time-maintenance and clients’ demands. Still, I take every project as a challenge and just try to give my best sincerely.”

Shishir’s Inspiration

He says, “Earlier I had zero knowledge about freelancing. Once, one of my friends told me about this. Else, a senior brother inspired me to freelance while I was studying interior design. Otherwise, I never imagined that I would start my freelancing career as a graphic designer. That senior brother was very helpful. He often allowed me to see how he works online. Then getting motivated I decided to compete in Fiverr. I left no stone unturned to succeed. I will remain grateful to him ever. Some of my other friends inspired me too.” 

Favorite Marketplace

“Basically, I do work at Fiverr. I’m a top rated seller there. Likewise, I have working experience in some other microstock marketplaces like Freepik, Shutterstock, Creative Fabrica. I do sell services like illustration, logo, icon, book cover design, web element, and some other similar things.” 

Tips for Client’s Satisfaction

We requested him to share only 3 tips to win a client’s heart. We knew that an egghead freelancer like him needed not too many words to advise. 

He says, “Number one, you must have good communication skills to convince potential buyers. Number two, you had better give some innovative ideas to grow your client’s business. It will make you reliable to them. Plus they will be happy to have a seller like you! And number three, try to give your best at maintaining deadlines.”

Mr. Shishir gives some exceptional tips for the newbie. He never wants the beginners to lose the track void of a proper guideline. 

He says, “As a newbie, you mustn’t rely on someone who doesn’t have any field-related experience. Practice a lot, learn incessantly, and never greed for money at the outset. The money will embrace you if you become aptly skilled and can show a strong attitude to clientele. Focus on building relationships with buyers. Set your response rate, project delivery time, and try to maintain them properly. Check whether you love what you want to do professionally. Be patient. Relax after a prolonged work by walking, jamming, playing, swimming, or rupturing. You will find this helpful to generate an idea. Trust me! Do research on different niches of the graphic design sector. Don’t confine your skill. Better get engaged with different marketplaces to boost your business, to earn more. Love design. It will give what you deserve.”

Overall, what he said we think would be enough both for newbie and others to prosper in freelancing. At the same time, this type of impetus will contribute to the national economy. We believe brighter days are waving at us!