A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”   – Antoine de Saint Exupery 

So you are a graphic designer and passionate to work in a freelance module? Well, nice thinking! 

Thousands of skilled people are getting into freelance instead of generic full-time, part-time jobs. This is indeed a progressive approach to professional life. However, we think you are still a sailboat in need of a wind. Because you don’t have hefty market research to move forward.

Therefore we are here to provide a proper direction for you. The contents are as follows: 

      Setting the brand

      Choose the right tools

      A realm of your excellence 

      Learn how to approach 

      The network works the best 

      A big deal is client’s satisfaction 

      Crucial do’s and don’ts

      Time and health management   

Setting the Brand

It is the key to success. To decide whether you want to build a one-person business or not is important. If you choose the first option then better use your name. Otherwise, select an apt name that best highlights your brand. Along with various specializations the graphic design world is expanding at a rapid pace. Traditionally in a full-time job, an office can expect anything best from you. But freelance demands your niche. So it is wise to fix the niche to earn in exchange for the top capabilities. There is no alternative to be extraordinary in freelancing.

Choose the Right Tools

A smart graphic designer befriends the internet. She or he knows the necessity of using proper, newest programs. Else, with a capable computer as well as a sketchpad you should learn all the fancy keyboard shortcuts. We can exemplify Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, Gravit Designer, Adobe Illustrator as some of the updated tools. However, it is up to you to choose the appropriate tool for topnotch deliveries. 

A Realm of Your Excellence

Freelance is not merely about the line, color, shape, texture, contrast, hierarchy. Rather at the same time, it tells you to be strategic. You should have a blog or portfolio. This is your business. And you will be waving at the clientele. So keep excelling in a specific graphic designing arena and showcase them gradually. Suppose, you are a UX designer. Then you should be outstanding in that arena. Shouldn’t you? Or you may create a website to show your ability to create a unified aesthetic. A blog or portfolio is your hub where potential buyers may consider you. Don’t worry, chances are very high in this vast ocean, the web. There must be some people who will hire you based on your capabilities.

Learn How to Approach

Unless you have a good designing eye, you won’t be thinking of business. But you will have to be equally good at approach. Mastering the approach is also an art. Your potential buyers will evaluate you based on your proposal and invoice writing ability. No, they won’t observe your writing skill. They just see whether a job-seeker knows the manner or not, whether he or she understands the topic or not. Invoicing apps like Freshbooks, Bonsai, Honeybook, AND.CO, Plutio, Invoicera are prominent nowadays. Every client has a self-described opinion of every design terminology. So tailor your pitch according to the client’s need. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr demand different types of approaches. Learn them. 

The Network Works the Best

Get visible and join the groups as well as networking events. Get active on Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to expand your network. You are starting from scratch. In this case, don’t even ignore the people of your hometown! These media will help you reach to buyer’s door. Even after becoming a reliable face in the graphic designing arena, using these means will remain inevitable. Your online presence matters a lot as you will be doing business on the internet.

A Big Deal is Client’s Satisfaction

Success will be yours if you can think the client’s goal is your goal. So try your best to make them succeed. We know, all creative persons please themselves. Nonetheless, you will see pleasing the clientele how becomes a matter of pleasure. Creativity deserves proper evaluation, appreciation. After completing a job successfully when you will have a nice review from your client, you will fly in the sky. Likewise, it will boost your profile. Probably you know how goodwill matters in business!

Crucial Do’s and Don’ts

There are many youtube tutorials and articles to enhance your learning. It just requires a search with proper keywords. Job boards like Solidgigs, Flexijobs, Upwork, Fiverr, People per Hour are ready to welcome you. Charge exactly what you deserve. Besides, Keep tapping on the personal network. You can even have a personalized outreach email. Experts always say that your contact is your guide. 

The reward lies in the intent of giving the best. So think about how you can give the utmost instead of seeking interest. Good clients don’t have a problem with limited experience. A bland attitude is enough. Don’t be a peevish person. Record the conversation, clarify the deal in time. Moreover, exaggeration and overselling results in vain. Using too many fonts, colors, raster-based images, or images of different sizes are some other pitfalls. Don’t work for free. Keep your value intact. And never stop learning, okay! Visuals govern graphic design. Constantly take new contents to thrive. 

Time and Health Management

We firmly suggest being aware of both. Many of the freelancers fail to produce unique works just because of lacking these. The brain functions its best in the first phase of the day. Get early, start working and go to sleep early too. Especially think ergonomics as you are living with a computer and sketchpad. Going to the gym is better. Else, track the working time properly. Use a mobile or desktop app to log hours.

The beginning can be nerve-wracking. But see, each of the successful freelancers does experience this. You can rather be tension-free since you have a proper guideline now. Best of luck!