Freelancing refers to being self-employed and offering your services to clients with or without an intermediary party. Almost every other service required by businesses can be outsourced by hiring freelancers. This opens a huge number of opportunities for side hustlers and job seekers.

The best part about freelancing is that you can seek clients and apply for projects according to your independent choice. But, how to find freelance work in Bangladesh that helps you to utilize your skills to the maximum? Well, don’t worry, we are here to guide you through it.

Here are the points that we will cover in this article:

Freelancing in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, unlike the rest of the world, the concept of freelancing gained popularity in the recent past. With various freelancing marketplaces coming into existence, a great percentage of the young adults have been turning to it. The readily available internet connection also favored the freelancing market or the so-called gig economy.  

Some of the online platforms like,,, etc. have been providing the medium for freelancers to connect with clients. Even now, some of these websites, along with some new ones, form the essential freelancing marketplace here. 

Either you can connect to an employer over these sites or through your social contacts to step into freelancing. However, you must know what services you will be offering before you start looking for opportunities.

Prerequisites for Starting Freelancing

Before you begin to search for how to get freelance work, you must have a skill-set to offer. Companies and clients will always pick freelancers who have apt knowledge, experience, and skills required for the job role.

Most Bangladeshi freelancers might be found working in fields like IT, Designing, Programming, and Multimedia. However, you can also find options like:

Experience or training in your chosen skill is essential to make your freelancer profile appealing. Other than that, you require fine computer-operating and internet digging skills. This is necessary to enable a freelancer to acquire more knowledge as the need be.

Also, you will require proficiency in the English language to communicate well with the majority of Non-Bengali employers. This will help you to ace your virtual interviews and comprehend the employer’s needs well. 

How to Find Freelance Work?

Once you have a defined skill-set, adequate experience, and knowledge, you can start applying for freelance work. For this, either you can apply on the online platforms or use offline means. In the case of online platforms, you will have to create a profile and find befitting jobs and employers.

Some of the most popular freelancing websites of Bangladesh are as follows:


This freelancing website claims to be the first Bangladeshi freelancing marketplace. It is specifically designed for BD freelancers. Here, you can send quotations or your bid that you will charge for the tasks. The clients can browse through the applications and profiles further to make the selection.


Upwork is an international platform that connects freelancers with agencies and employers around the globe. You can make your profile and apply for part-time or full-time jobs. On this website, bids are offered to you by the employers, and you can compare and make an independent selection.


Fiverr is one of the largest freelancing marketplaces for digital services that allow freelancers to connect with the businesses. A freelancer can make their profile and offer their services for a quoted amount (starting from $5). Thereafter, an employer can put up their proposal/project and find a suitable freelancer to work with. 


This is a freelancer platform that allows graphic designers to connect with clients online. It either chooses a befitting candidate for the posted job role or allows the employer to hold a contest. In a contest, the entire designers’ community can submit their work and the employer picks the most suited design. 

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a freelancing marketplace that allows you to make a profile and apply for posted jobs. You can simply fill your details and add your resume to the platform to create your profile. Further, you can search for suitable jobs via keywords and apply for the ones you like. 

People Per Hour

This again is an online marketplace that connects an international community of freelancers with businesses. This platform allows employers to post their work requirements and freelancers can find and apply for the jobs they like.

However, you can also opt for applying for freelancing work offline. But to learn how to get freelance work offline, you will have to find jobs on your own. For this, you must stay alert for job-openings and be active with your social networks. Mostly a reference or a highly impressive portfolio can help you get freelance work offline.

How to Get Clients as a Freelancer?

Even if you know how to find freelance work in Bangladesh, it might take time for you to get clients. As a freelancer, you must build up a strong job-profile and hone your skills.

Online/offline-trainings are also available in Bangladesh that can help you polish your skill-set and develop your expertise. When you have an impressive portfolio, it will be difficult for the client to turn your application down. 

A reference can also help you get your first job and give a head start to your freelancing career. But, if you don’t have that in hand, you must work hard on your profile to get through. With time you will have enough experience with handling employers, and you’ll learn how to get clients as a freelancer.

Benefits of Freelancing

Unlike a 9 to 5 permanent job, freelancing allows a lot more freedom to an individual along with the comfort of home. After you learn how to get freelance work, you can explore various secondary fields along with your full-time job. As a student, you gain field experience, earn as well as learn to deal with clients.

Freelancing can be your side hustle or your full-time work as per your choice. It gives you the independence to choose what you want to work on and where you want to work. Every year a great percentage of new freelancers are joining in this gig-economy and making the most out of it. So, why not join in and explore your potentials as a freelancer!