Writing is inherent, true. But it needs only a passion to become a freelance writer. Can you believe this? Yes, you should! However, one must have a guideline for this.

So if you are patient enough to follow some steps, then this article is for you. As an experienced freelance writer, I’ll show you them all with love. Just before you go in detail, have a look at the points below:

Attitude is the Best

Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something as well as the behavior thereby. If freelance writing creates the zeal in you, your attitude will speak. Even if you don’t have substantial experience to show, you can win a job by this. Suppose, you have a passion for car driving, will it be too hard for you? Won’t you be smarter to please your beloved? Yes, you will! Similarly, your passion and love for becoming a freelance writer will ease and fasten the process. A positive attitude along with a clear understanding of a topic can win the heart of a client. 

Know Yourself and Niche Down 

Perhaps we all have read about ‘knowing thyself’ during our school days. Its importance is undeniable throughout our lives. Why I’m emphasizing this? Because I see many of the newbies aren’t cognizant of their best. That’s why they don’t know what they should write with priority. Likewise, many of them mistakenly start choosing any freelance job they see and it results in vain. The clients or buyers do look for a set of specialized skills. So without any delay, niche down the skills and specialize in! Find out the area of your expertise or interest. Or you may extract the skills of your previous job and translate them into a writing career. You will have several roles to choose like content writing, copywriting, academic writing, grant writing, legal writing, etc. 

Start Blogging 

Blog your way. The topic can be anything. Show your prospects that you can imagine and write with care. Then try to find out the things people do care about. Since they only search the contents that fulfill their needs. Platforms like WordPress, Blogger are ready to welcome you. It serves as your portfolio. You can even refer you write-ups from Google Docs. Try to make a topic related sample. For this, don’t forget to follow the job board of Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc. It will demonstrate that you keep pace with up-to-date knowledge.

Money is Waving at You 

Look, this is business. You are going to be your boss. So focus on your goals. What do you want? You want money for better survival. I know dozens of bloggers who earn $5000-$10000 per month merely by blogging. Else, thousands of freelance writers do earn from Upwork, Fiverr, People-Per-Hour, Craigslist, Blogging Pro, Freelancer.com, etc. Despite being new, you can also earn by blogging, guest posting, or writing a listicle. Actually in freelance writing, most of the jobs are ghostwriting related. That means you can’t hold any copyright of works. But don‘t worry, fresh dollars will relax you for sure!

Be Smart with Tools 

Suppose, you write well, and whatever your mother tongue is you are good at English. Nonetheless, this is not enough. You know why? Because at the same time you will have to be smart at using various tools. Let me tell you what we do. We prioritize using Grammarly, Copyscape, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Mozbar, Ahrefs, SEMrush to meet out different needs. These can help you produce SEO-friendly contents.

Build your Lifeline 

Your online presence matters a lot. This is the lifeline for a freelance writer. You can use various social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit to promote your write-ups. Your strategic development entirely depends on online activity. Learn to be proactive, target-oriented, and of course time-saver. Besides, network building provides a great benefit to a freelance writer. You mustn’t forget to use your social media to enhance the network. Networking with other writers and potential clients is very wise. You can learn a lot from them. And never hesitate to participate in online courses. It educates to take challenges and broadens your confidence evenly.

Pitching with Brand Management

Pitch every day. As a freelancer, you are striving to become a brand. You are preparing for marketplaces. However, in the beginning, you can target a specific marketplace and learn to adapt there to earn money effectively. You shouldn’t waste a single day without pitching or branding. Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what to pen down today, don’t stop thinking. Do you know what Neil Gaiman says? He says, “This is how you do it; you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it’s done. It’s that easy, and that hard.”

Prepare to Please Your Client

You are going to open an online store. Yap, here a freelancer profile is indeed a store! As a freelance writer, you aim to have clients or buyers on your floor. And pleasing someone by work is as challenging as beautiful. Certainly, you will see the desert at the outset. But you can have a demo. Just ask one of your friends to pretend like a client and give you a task to accomplish. Then submit the work maintaining a deadline and request for criticism. Sounds good? 

You know there remains a perfectionist in each writer. I mean a writer edits a lot. So if you want to discover the best of you, keep doing this.

I know how uncertain, how painful the days of a beginner! However, this pain turns to a flower in a few months. You just need to be patient like a Siberian tiger, okay! Just follow this guide. As a freelance writer, you will make money faster than your competitors.