There is a fine argument. Physically-challenged people or people with disabilities are not disabled, rather differently able. Our society used to hide its own failure treating them as ‘persons with disabilities’.  It’s because we couldn’t facilitate them to do something! However, things have been changing progressively. You will have a clear testimony of that when you learn a bit about Anik Mahmud. This is not only a story of the success of a top-rated Upwork personality or a level 2 seller at Fiverr, but also a triumph over autism. Hope you will agree with this. Freelancing has brought out a sheer revolution. But it’s more than a revolution for the people with various challenges like motherhood or autism since they have found this module as a great solution for life. This post aims at narrating the struggle and success of Mr. Anik who is the inspiration of this introduction today. It will work for you for sure! 

Eve of the Journey

Mr. Anik has some involatile physical challenges. But he was mentally advanced as well as passionate enough to shine in the profession. He could trace the pulse of time while Bangladesh was having a digital transformation. He could smartly respond to this progression and got the right track! He says, 

“My journey started at the end of 2017. I was just scrolling Facebook and eventually came to know about a graphics design institute. Being highly interested I took admission there.”

In fact, you don’t need to find jobs if you just know how to work. Jobs will aspire after you! A similar thing we see in Anik’s story as he got his first job within 6 months of learning. He says, 

“In the mid of 2018, I got a $25 job at Upwork. That was my lucky, exciting beginning!” 

Expertise and Market-based Activities

The person who has reached a super height in the biggest two freelancing marketplaces of today’s world most probably has your attention. Let us listen to him, “I only work for T-shirt design not only in Upwork and Fiverr, but also in some POD marketplaces like,,, etc. Else, I’m active in some micro-stock sites like,,, etc.” 

Why Freelancing

Then what, autism turned into bliss for Mr. Anik as he was looking for a home-based job? No way, autism can never be a solace for any exchange. We can merely say that the inborn barrier couldn’t bar him from becoming a star. He says, “I couldn’t continue after SSC. I even got admitted to a college. But alas!  We had to attend different classrooms on different floors which was so difficult for a autistic person like me. Being compelled I had to leave my college education. And void of an HSC certificate I couldn’t apply for moderate jobs, unfortunately. From then on I was planning to do something from home. To be honest, there’s a dream inside me to do something for others apart from being self-reliant. And finally, this freelancing paved the way for me.” 

The Struggle 

There’s a struggle behind every extraordinary achievement. And we can’t even imagine how it can be struggling for an autistic person like Anik. Better we quote him word by word. He says, “Learning computer basics is a must for freelancing. You know what I used to do? Suffering from hectic traffic I used to go daily a kilometer by wheelchair! Then after securing computer basics alone with a certain graphic design skill when I entered the marketplace I found that I seriously lacked in English. I was only an SSC passed boy formidably poor at English. However, autism was my biggest barrier. The challenges between a normal person and an autistic person are beyond description!”

He further says, “My movements are different from a normal person, so things like learning a skill, coping with others were not less than a war for me.” 


Anik Mahmud

Inspiration for Anik

Mr. Anik Mahmud talks about his inspiration, “Fahim Ul Karim Bhai inspired me the most. He was a tremendous person, taught me many things without any interest. Unfortunately, we lost him early. May Allah grant him Jannah.”

Addiction Turned into a Profession 

Addiction to creative deeds results in good forever. He says, 

“From my childhood, I was an addict to computers. Another addiction was photoshop. I was in love with these two and when found that these can be a path of earning altogether, I cheered. It turned into my beloved profession!”

On Skill Development

Mr.  Anik firmly believes that skill development is an endless procedure. Let us learn how he hones his skills to keep pace with this competitive world. He says, 

“I developed my English skill by watching movies and reading top English newspapers. The Oxford dictionary was my all-time friend, my best helping hand! Per day I used to memorize 10 words at least. Around 60 words in 6 days and I used the rest day to polish my week-long learning. Still, I go through some YouTube tutorials for at least an hour every day. Also, I try to sharpen my ideas using sites like Udemy.”

Pros and cons of Freelancing

Like any other business, Anik opines that freelancing has its pros and cons. He says, 

“Despite a successful submission, some clients will give you very disappointing feedback. Some will even blatantly ask you for a ‘refund’ after taking an accomplished file.”

At the same time, he upholds the beautiful part of freelancing, “Freelancing is indeed a free profession. You can taste your freedom. You can be your own boss.” 

Challenge & Barriers of Freelancing

Anik Mahmud says, “In fact, for an autistic person every profession is a challenge. It is equally true for outsourcing. However, this is the only challenge that goes well with physically-challenged people like me.” 

The Future Plan

We found Mr. Anik very optimistic while talking about his future plan. He says, 

“I want to teach others the things on which I became self-reliant. I along with my team want to reach my destiny. You will be glad to know that I’m already successful to a large extend.” 

Yes, it’s a reality now. Currently around 15+ people working in his agency. Besides, he wants to provide a special service to autistic people. 

“I want to teach them freelancing without any charge. Also, I do expect the govt. cooperation regarding this.” 

Tips for Satisfying Clients

This has grave importance to Mr. Anik Mahmud. Moreover, the tips he suggests do abide by personally. Two exclusive tips he gave us are as follows:


Tips for the Newbie

Mr. Anik told something straightforward in this regard. He spoke towards the newbie, “Learn well about freelancing before you enter a marketplace. Never come getting inspired by a thousand dollar earning screenshot of a senior brother. There are highly competitive marketplaces. Don’t let your childish emotion befool you. Learn how to work based on a certain niche. Check whether you love your work or not. If you love and enjoy the work you do, the work will start rewarding you. You will start earning.” 

He gave them 2 exceptional tips: