If you are a techno-lover and want to be solvent by freelancing, then this article is especially for you. Because chances are very high to shine in outsourcing for this sort of people. Still can’t believe that? Well, today we will be talking about Imran Hossain Pranto, a well-known Motion Graphic Designer, to exemplify so that you can get convinced. His affection for technology has brought him to a unique height. Okay, let us start from his beginning!

Eve of the journey

From his adolescent period, Imran was pretty friendly with tech-related stuff. He just loved to play with various technologies. Gradually he found his passion for Motion Graphic Design. So deep in his mind, he was in search of a platform to show his excellence and earn. Then in 2014, he came to know about freelancing. Naturally, he had to study a lot. He says,

“At the beginning, I couldn’t work. Then I emphasized learning and getting skilled first before bidding on projects. So saying good-bye to hesitation I began to learn each and everything from my seniors. I used to read their blogs, business tips as well as articles.”  

His Expertise & Agency Business

He set forth his career as a WordPress Developer. Now he is a dexterous Motion Graphic Designer. He has chosen a niche that is exceptional and demandable in the global market at the same time. And after successfully running an individual business he set up a team and started an agency. That agency consists of excellent web designers, writers, SEO experts, etc. 

Why Freelancing

A proverb goes that if you really want something by heart the entire universe helps you achieve this. The same thing happened to Imran Hossain Pranto. And since he cherished the dream to do something exceptional, he ultimately has got the desired floor. He says,

“From my teen-age, I dreamed to do something extra-ordinary. I could never imagine that I’m working as a typical full-time employee. Luckily we got our country digitalized that facilitated freelancing. Otherwise, I would have been doing business. But when I learned that apart from being a job freelancing is also a business I got additionally excited.” 

His Struggle

Imran Hossain PrantoLike almost every start-up business Mr. Hossain faced some challenges. He says,

“It wasn’t easy at all. Today’s freelancers can’t even imagine only a few years ago how slow the internet was! Even 2G network was like a golden deer. Moreover, as a village-boy, it was more arduous for me to work online.”

However, he is happy with the present situation. We found him very optimistic with the technological provision freelancers have in Bangladesh today. 


Imran Hossain Pranto got inspired by some of his seniors. He watched them starting as a sole freelancer and after securing good relation with foreign clients how they provide services through their own agencies. 

Imran Hossain Pranto says, “I do always respect, learn, and follow their footsteps. We are so lucky to have some highly experienced freelancers like them before us. They are more competent than many of the Americans or Europeans. They are my biggest inspirations!” 

Favorite Marketplaces

He along with my team is mainly active in Upwork and Fiverr. These are the trendiest outsourcing platforms in the world currently. Hundreds of Bangladeshi people changed their fate using these platforms. Imran Hossain Pranto and his team also work with some clients directly outside these marketplaces. They have already built a good relationship with several big corporate houses. 

Opinion on Crucial Issues

During the discussion, he focused on detecting the challenges, setting the charge, and time management. Let us learn them shortly.

Identifying the most challenging part:  According to him, as a freelancing business holder, the challenging part is to keep pace with the market trends. He says, “Never forget for a single time to update yourself. If you ignore you will be no more.” 

Setting the charge: Knowing true worth is very important to him. He says, “If a beginner starts charging like high-profile freelancers, he will remain jobless for sure. Better start from small, gather experience, rush after excellence. Money will rush after you!”

He further says, ”Charging depends on projects. Like how much it will take to finish, how many sources need to be used. For example, when an animator charges he or she apart from their own bill set the voice-over charge, graphics charge, sound effect charge, etc.”

Time & health management: It’s a bit problematic at the beginning to cope up with different time zone. Imran Hossain Pranto thinks if someone set a personal routine. “Neither you should miss the suitable projects nor remain awake throughout the night. You have to careful of time management as well as physical wellbeing. Look, these are creative jobs. So you must have a cool head.” 

Tips for Satisfying Clients

Imran Hossain Pranto firmly believes that making clients happy is challenging, but if someone does follow some tactics, things become quite easier. Here are his 3 tips in this regard:  

 Discuss to have the detail of a project before you start working. It eases the process and lets you accomplish according to the client’s wish.

Don’t overpromise. Promise exactly what you can deliver. 

Nice communication like sending gift cards on occasions, wishing on birthdays.

Tips for the Newbie

Get well-skilled before entering a marketplace. At the very beginning work with seniors, then under an agency to prepare yourself. Then go with your own account to maximize the profit. 

Set your niche wisely. Choose the category you love most. Choose one of the best so that you can get available clients. 

Your ultimate goal should be establishing an agency so that you can profit much more than others, provide jobs to others, and contribute to the national economy serving the whole world.